Small Stuff 9

Our annual salon style “cash and carry” exhibition featuring affordably priced smaller artwork.
On exhibit: November 22, 2015 – January 16, 2016

• Photos of artwork & gallery setup on Flickr

Amanda Coronado; Andrice Arp; Anna Tillett; Brandy Rumiez; Brett Manning; Brian Reedy; Candace Jean; Cari Corene; Ellia Hill; Erika Taguchi; Heather Franzen; Jamie Ryscik; Jellykoe; Jonathan Reincke; Karl Johnson; Kathryn Hudson; Kelcy Erbele; Kris Callejas; Leomar Godoy; Leslie Gauthier; Lisa Penney; Mara Candeago; Mary Syring; May Ann Licudine aka Mall; Michael Fleming; Nana Williams; Nidhi Chanani; Penelope Gaylord; Ryan Hungerford; Scott Mills; Taylor Pohlman; Thomas AScott; Toddbot; Tou Vue and more!

Please note, Small Stuff works differently than our usual art exhibitions: All Small Stuff artwork goes home with the buyer as soon as it sells, first come, first served!


8 random photos from our flickr feed: