Small Stuff 8

Our annual salon style “cash and carry” exhibition featuring affordably priced smaller artwork.

Sunday Brunch Opening on Sunday, November 23rd from 1-5pm Enjoy first dibs on art & complimentary
snacks & mimosas from TATE’S!

• Photos of gallery setup on Flickr
Link to Flyer

Please note, Small Stuff works differently than our usual art exhibitions: All Small Stuff artwork goes home with the buyer as soon as it sells, first come, first served! The only way to see the complete exhibition is to attend the special sneak preview or in our online archive!

FEATURING ARTWORK BY: Amy Earles; Anna Tillett; Brandy Rumiez; Brian Butler; C.B. Canga; Cari Corene; Carlos Fuenmayor; Cassie Hart; CHNK; Danielle “knee” Estefan; Dianna Oates; Erika Taguchi-Newton; Erin Hunting; Erin O’Dea; Gena del Portillo; Greg Kletsel; Heather Gross; Jeremy Couturier; Jeremy Eaton; Jme; Jose Pulido; Karl Johnsen; Kelcy Erbele; Kimberley Laurenti; Lindsay Watson; Lisa Penney; Lydia Nichols; Michael Fleming; Nakia Mann; Rey Acevedo; Robin Kaplan; Rose Wong; Ryan Hungerford; Todd Webb; Tou Vue; Travis W. Oates and more!


8 random photos from our flickr feed: