Amazing Everything: the art of Scott C. book is a must have!

Just before Christmas we got in a new and amazing art book featuring the work of Scott Campbell, known as Scott C. – if you aren’t familiar with his work, then you are missing out… its high time to become a fan! His work is clever and charming and singularly amusing.

The introduction to the book is fantastic as well, it was fun to learn about his journey from childhood potato drawings to where he is today. Don’t be lame and skip over the intro since it’s “a lot of words” – you will enjoy the book approximately 38% more once you read it!

Way back in 2007 Mr. C was a part of our “Cute Attack” show – his pieces were small watercolors featuring medieval knights at odds with cute  creatures who seemed to overwhelm with their size and sweet lil faces! The outcome of the “Adorable Battles” is not on record, but we all know that cuteness always wins!!

After thoroughly enjoying this lovely book, I was thrilled and WAY surprised to see that we were mentioned in the acknowledgements! Such a kind, thoughtful gesture really speaks of the nature of Scott C. Even the little people (like us) who he worked with along the way were remembered. Makes me feel like hugging and eating pizza! 🙂

Thank you Scott C. and have a happy new year all!!