Brand new Jellycat brand plush!

I dunno about you, but when I am out and about shopping I just NEVER see cute stuffed animals anymore! At a recent trip to Toys R’ Us, all I saw were really gross pink leopard print bears and worse. Ughhh…..  not cute.  As a kid, I loved my stuffed friends and my daughter Rosemary, at 20 months, loves them too. She has a couple super special ones at home (Teddy & Monkey) who sleep with her every night and help her brush her teeth. Her plush family got a few new additions today and her arms were FULL at bedtime. 🙂

So, when you want to give your kid (or yourself) an amazingly soft and loveable new friend – you KNOW where to come to find them. These lil guys look even better once they are loved up and scruffy too. 😉

Rosemary absolutely LOVES Jellycat plush. They all got kisses too.

Nice, fresh plush display... probably won't stay orderly for long! These guys are wild!

Assortment of super cute and soft bears and bunnies! <3

Monkeys big and small... lil donkeys... soft, colorful, floppy buddies and more bears!

This smile says it all... these guys will bring you or your kid JOY!