Crochet Cacti and Needle Felted Creatures… oh my! <3

Ever since I was a little girl I liked to amass “similar & intriguing” objects and got a sense of satisfaction out of displaying them in fun ways, I had one of those little shadowbox shelves with all the little cubbies in it that had my more delicate treasures each in their own little box… some specific items that come to mind worthy of being housed within?…. hmmm… a little taxidermy mouse in a pink dress & bonnet (remember those?!), some fuzzy penciltoppers that broke off their pencils, a porcelain pegasus and a teeny tiny glass unicorn with a shiny sharp gold horn, a couple of my favorite smurfs, a handful of grey pewter creatures, a tiny 6 pack of 7-up bottle crayons  and a tiny working metal baby crib and bath tub. Wait! I just remembered where I put all of that stuff (they were in an old Keds shoebox in the closet for many years!!) Do you want to see? They are all contained in a glass jar above where I work when I’m at home… See the lil hand pointing to it just below?

My home workspace area...

I find that large clear jars are a great place to corral my large assortment of lil interesting things. I can’t bear to give them away or toss them out… so I have to put them SOMEWHERE! I just love little cute things, especially weird lil things! I have jars like this all over my home honestly, but this specific one is FULL of stuff from my childhood. Let’s take off the dusty lid and take a look inside together…

Ahhhh! There it is… the taxidermy mouse in the dress and bonnet (center bottom) and I forgot all about the taxidermy mouse in the pink sleepsack too! Lol, gross and awesome! I seem to still have a bunch of my old Charmkins too… those are still adorable! Ha…! There’s my old blue unicorn velcro wallet, it always annoyed me that his magical horn was curved.

I collect a number of lovely things still – but as I am (much) older and (somewhat) wiser the things I seek out to add to my collections are more obscure and rare. Over the years the things I actively collect always evolves, it is not that I get “bored” with them… I think I just get ENOUGH of them! …or sometimes almost ALL of them… haha! Things like mounted insects, Alice in Wonderland paper advertisements, vintage sideshow photos, rubber squeak toys and arcade tokens are all still a PART of my collection, but I very rarely add new finds to them at this point – they would have to be VERY special! I’ve simply seen too much. I currently collect: Wooden Carved Figures; Needle-Felted Creatures; Cacti and Succulents/Plants; Original Artwork and  Crocheted Dolls/Things – in addition to any particularly cute random thing I find! My dear Anna Pants is always on the lookout for interesting objects that she thinks I would like… since I don’t get out searching much anymore! She’s a super good finder.

These are just two random shelves showing a tiny little slice of my “stuff”. You can see some adorable and weird Needle-Felted creatures on the left there… a couple by artist Kit Lane and that green bunny is by Violet Pie. Hand carved tiki head by local Tom Fowner and a stunning small painting by Naoto Hattori. On the right, you see a couple glass domes filled with random small cool things and a lil windup mouse that looks sooo “modern” to me. Also… check out the adorable fat booty nesting doll versions of us that was a gift from our dear friend Sas Christian. The tiny pink one on the end is Rosemary as a baby! Priceless!!

So what was my purpose in writing this looooong rambling blog post? Hmmm…. oh yes! I wanted to show you a couple of very special new items we have in the boutique & it got me thinking about how I always try and carry  (whenever possible) unique items that I think are special enough for MY collection and hopefully YOUR home as well!! Usually that is a pretty tall order, since the things I most adore seem to be one-of-a-kind or rare these days… but if I try hard enough I can sometimes find things that are just the right fit in terms of price and awesomeness! Here are two new additions the the boutique’s selections (and additions to my personal collections of course):

The lil darlings you see above are the truly adorable and impossible to kill crocheted cacti from Toshwerks out of California! I find these extremely appealing to the eye and to the touch, they are all unique and totally adorable. I really can’t fathom any plant lover not being thrilled with getting one of these as a house warming or holiday gift. They are just PRECIOUS! I want them to sell super fast so I can order more, they give me smiles. Seeing as I collect actual cacti and succulents along with interesting crocheted items, these are a must have for me. I really want to hoard them ALL for myself, but that just isn’t practical… LOL

These cute lil weirdos are also currently available in our boutique and are handmade in Olympia, Washington by the talented Kristen Etmund. Needle felting is one of my favorite kinds of craft and when its done well the creations are truly adorable or other-worldly! These guys here are solid and about 5″ tall, I really can’t choose a favorite… though I may be a bit partial to the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing since my lil baby boy’s middle name IS Wolfgang.

Also, while on the subject of needle-felting, check out this magnificent masterpiece by needle-felt artist Kit Lane… it was a part of our Peculiar Playmates exhibition a few years back. Even though it did not sell during the show, we went ahead and purchased it and made it a part of our ‘gallery collection’ – in the hopes that it will find just the right home one day! I wish it for myself, but I simply don’t have the space… it is quite large for a needle-felted piece! Needle-felting is a craft/art that I one day hope to tackle and make some interesting creations of my own, as of now I have never tried it and only have a dim grasp of how it even works… I think there is some sort of magic and a fair amount of smooshing involved.

I have to admit that when I started out writing this blog, I didn’t intend for it to be an epic rambling of what I collect and what I like/think… but maybe that ‘s what I need to do more of. Anyone who knows me knows that a large portion of what we sell, especially upstairs in the boutique is a direct reflection of our family and the things we enjoy/appreciate. Sometimes that works out well for us and the objects sell to our customers, sometimes it doesn’t. Quite often it doesn’t… Things I love the most may end up sitting on the shelf for years and years… Which is a bummer – but we will never stop trying to bring to South Florida a wide variety of interesting items that carry our own personal seal of approval.

I hope that a few people take the time to read this long ass blog, since it took me a while to write it, and I will do my best to do more blogs like this in the future … giving a little bit of background information and insight on why we are carrying certain items which will also probably help to highlight them!

Warm regards,