Our list of good & nearby restaurants to eat at after visiting us! Nom!

You probably visit us for our awesome events, leaving hungry and wondering where the heck to eat! So, here is a list of our favorite nearby restaurants! Unless you live in the area, these are places you probably haven’t tried – but will make a point of going back to once you do!

Since I’m not an official food blogger, I will just give you tiny bit of info on why we like the place and how far they are away from TATE’S/Bear and Bird, plus link you to Urban Spoon for reviews and details…! 🙂

All of these restaurants have been “tested” multiple times by us… nom nom! The prices are all very reasonable – especially once you taste it! None of these are “fancy fancy”, but all are clean, fresh and locally owned. No fatty corporate chains… it seems like the owners of these places actually CARE about their restaurants, which is important to us.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we have! Promise we wouldn’t steer you wrong. We don’t like crappy meals! Please tell them that we sent you over!

Painting by Justin DeGarmo; from our personal collection.

Bash Wine Cafe – 4 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

Food here is really delicious, anything from salads to steaks. A really nice place to take a date or a small group of friends for some great food and conversation! Features local art on the walls and lots of wine and beer if that’s your thing!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions… 

Marumi Sushi – 3 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

Open until 1:30 in the morning! This is where local sushi chefs go AFTER they get off work to eat and hang out. The food is that good. If you like fresh sushi or Japanese comfort food, you will love this place and go back ASAP!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions… 

India House – 2.7 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

The menu here is HUGE and they have a bunch of tasty naan options. There are meats and flavors from all over India. It is usually pretty empty and the food is quite great!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…

Woodlands Pure Vegetarian South Indian Cuisine – 0.5 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

Vegetarian option for those of you who swing that way! People we have sent there usually end up being big fans and return time after time to nom on their tasty non-meat options.

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…

Thai Thai – 3 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

Lots of dusty fake orchids, which is lame – but good pad thai and other thai dishes. They also have decent sushi… but we never get sushi when we eat here! For that we always go to Marumi!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…

La Bamba – 4.2 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird

We get take-out from this Mexican restaurant at least once a week. It is fresh and fast and really yummy. Pollo ala Plancha and Shrimp Fajitas are a couple faves… and the mild salsa is just perfect with their crunchy tortilla chips.

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…

Bamboo Noah’s – 6 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird (on way back to 595)

Really fresh and diverse menu. Makes me feel like I am eating healthy food that makes my tummy smile. Also they have cupcakes and whoopee pies sometimes!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…

Jimmie’s Chocolates & Cafe – 15 miles from TATE’S/Bear and Bird (kind of far, but so so good)

The amazing little chocolate shop closes early, but the food in the cafe is fantastic. One of my favorite things ever is their amazing hot chocolate! Its just right, not to sweet and you stir it all up yourself with a ceramic long handled spoon. The chef/owner is in the kitchen and he really cares about the food he is preparing for you! Go!

Link to Urban Spoon reviews and directions…


I would love to hear what you think, if you try any of these places! Drop us an email! 🙂

-Amanda (& Tate)


Tiny Tate tests out some new toys!

My 2 month old baby boy, Tate Wolfgang, tests out a couple of the new toys we just stocked in the boutique!

He approves!


I made another person!

Seems like 90% of my blog posts are me APOLOGIZING for not posting more often. But… I have a good excuse! I made a person! 🙂

This little guy came out a month ago and he and his (nearly 2 year old) big sister have been keeping me busy busy. Lucky for me I have a great team who keep things running smoothly while I micro-manage them from home. ha ha…

We have some awesome new product coming into the shop in the new few weeks and are doing a bit of sprucing up and rearranging as well before the next show opens. No resting on our laurels for us!

Next art show opening on May 5, 2012 is going to be extra specially awesome. All the art in the show will be priced at $100 or less, with the intent of getting fine folks to jumpstart their art collections! Collecting art is a bit addicting, in a good way. 🙂 …and I have seen WAY TOO MANY blank walls in the homes of fun, creative people. You know who you are!


Brand new Jellycat brand plush!

I dunno about you, but when I am out and about shopping I just NEVER see cute stuffed animals anymore! At a recent trip to Toys R’ Us, all I saw were really gross pink leopard print bears and worse. Ughhh…..  not cute.  As a kid, I loved my stuffed friends and my daughter Rosemary, at 20 months, loves them too. She has a couple super special ones at home (Teddy & Monkey) who sleep with her every night and help her brush her teeth. Her plush family got a few new additions today and her arms were FULL at bedtime. 🙂

So, when you want to give your kid (or yourself) an amazingly soft and loveable new friend – you KNOW where to come to find them. These lil guys look even better once they are loved up and scruffy too. 😉

Rosemary absolutely LOVES Jellycat plush. They all got kisses too.

Nice, fresh plush display... probably won't stay orderly for long! These guys are wild!

Assortment of super cute and soft bears and bunnies! <3

Monkeys big and small... lil donkeys... soft, colorful, floppy buddies and more bears!

This smile says it all... these guys will bring you or your kid JOY!

The 2012 Bear and Bird business card is off to the printer!

[flickr id=”6745966285″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”original” group=”” align=”center”]

My goal is to have the 2012 card printed by the END of 2011, but hey priorities. There was just too much to do and too little time the past few months. But, now… now it is done! Thank you once again to the inimitable Aurian Redson for his charming illustrations.