Our annual Cash & Carry show “Small Stuff” opens Sunday!

Please join us for the opening of our annual cash & carry Small Stuff show this coming Sunday, November 20th from 1-5pm! It is the 6th annual Small Stuff show if you can believe it and I truly think it has some of the best art for the best prices so far!

Art by (L to R): Jerrod Maruyama, Danielle Estefan, Aurian Redson

This is our favorite show of the year, with so many great pieces (over 150) for such great prices (as low as $15!)… you totally don’t want to miss the lovely brunchtime opening! It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so you know you can make it! If you’re not able to trek over to us on Sunday, rest assured we will have the work available for online purchase lickety-split… that’s fast!

Art by (L to R): Holly Schaefer, Ryan Hungerford, Erika Taguchi-Newton

Art by (L to R): Holly Schaefer, Ryan Hungerford, Erika Taguchi-Newton

All the artwork is 8×10 or smaller and affordably priced for gift giving. Local, national and international artists with a wide range of styles & subject matter. We are starting out with over 150 pieces in total, there will be the perfect gift for someone here… maybe even YOU! :-)

Art by (L to R): Patrick Maxcy, Ryan Fowler, Sara Leigh

Art by (L to R): Patrick Maxcy, Ryan Fowler, Sara Leigh

Small Stuff is the show opening that you will kick yourself for missing, because you will totally want dibs! So, round up your cool friends, bring your mom, expose your kids to art… it is going to be LOVELY!

A few excellent reasons you don’t want to miss the Small Stuff opening:

  • Truly fantastic art for great prices, really great!
  • It is cash and carry, so you get to take your new artwork home as soon as you buy it!
  • If you don’t come to the opening, you will MISS OUT on some great art. Since it goes home right away you won’t even get to SEE the best stuff unless you come to the opening!
  • Mimosas!!! …and doughnut treats! :-o
  • Start your holiday shopping right BEFORE Thanksgiving, that way you can feel like you’re ahead of the game. Art=awesome gifts.

Plus, the super added bonus is that you are supporting a family owned business and independent artists at the same time… like MAGIC! Holiday magic…

Includes artwork from: A. Pants; Amanda Valdes; Amber “Ambird” Seegmiller; Aurian Redson; Benjamin Constantine; Bianca “Bee” Medina; Bong Redila; Brandon Reese; Brandy Rumiez; Brian Butler; Cassie Hart Kelly; Christine Curry Coates; Danielle Estefan; Danny Brito; Dave Perillo; Dutch Door Press; Edau; Elisa Sassi; Erika Taguchi-Newton; Giselle Gonzalez; Holly Schaefer; Jamie Fales; Jarod Rosello; Jerrod Maruyama; Joanna Barnum; Johannah O’Donnell; John Kissee; Jordan Steele Thompson; Karen Watkins; Kay Garcia; Kristin Tercek; MAp-Map; Michael Fleming; Natalia Pierandrei; Nathan Stapley; Patrick Maxcy; Ripley’s Odditorium; Rob Bridges; Ryan Fowler; Ryan Hungerford; Sandra Lucia; Sara Harvey; Sara Leigh; Steven Macleod; Thomas Ascott; Tiffany Battel; Todd Nolan; and MORE!

Link to Flyer

Gotta Getta Gund… At Bear and Bird!

The first of some of the awesome new product we are getting in for holiday shoppers! :-)

Much of the cuteness you behold is from Gund, a plush company that’s been around since 1898! They are ALL super soft and priced great… I never personally see cute plush around much for sale these days, and Rosemary loves her stuffed animal buddies!!




October Bear and Bird display cube!

Right next to our register downstairs, we have setup a little 12x12x12 glass cube display to showcase some of the various products we carry upstairs in the Bear and Bird Boutique. It is an effort to entice customers to make the looooong climb up the stairs (lol) to take a look. You’d truly be surprised how many people never make it up to see what’s happening… they just assume its something they wouldn’t be interested in I guess!

Anyway, we change out the cube display once a month and here is a pic of the newest refresh by Kreisten! She did a great job and included a sweet (so soft) little brown bear from Jellycat England; some awesome stripy animal sticker from Djeco France ($5 for 4 big sheets!); GloBoy, a new solar powered light from Fred; one of the cute little cup/bowl sets from PecanPals; some Automoblox from Manhattan Toys and Souper the spoon head action figure (dishwasher safe!) from Fred.

Fun stuff, right? We’ll post next months display as well, to give those of you non-locals a glimpse. :-)

Creep Cinema opens Saturday, 10/1 at 6pm!

Creep Cinema, our annual October “all locals” megashow features 150 South Florida local’s take on scary movies!

More images of the art and opening to come… This is just a sneak peek! We just finished hanging… Whew!!!

Opening tomorrow night at 6pm!

We love Mary Blair too…

While briefly visiting Aurian Redson’s blog earlier this week I was tickled to find that he contributed to this cool website which I had never heard of! It is called illostribute and their tagline is “investigation through interpretation” – that’s a pretty nifty and simple premise and I love the idea that artists explore and are inspired by a variety of sources, I think it will help expose new fans to these “old” favorites too. I am often surprised by how artists don’t know anything about the history of “style” they adopt as their own and perhaps were subliminally (?) inspired by in their childhoods.

This specific assignment by illostribute, I came across on Aurian’s site, was explore the essence of the work of Mary Blair. I love Mary Blair! Her work is so fun, funky and simply adorable. It’s happy and angular and so totally of the era. The background info on Ms. Blair, written by illostribute, was comprehensive and interesting. This type of scholarly respect is all too often missing online. Kudos to you guys, I will be sure to pop back to your site when I get time!

Aurian’s contribution to this project is as sweet and original as can be. I couldn’t be more proud to have had him do the illustrations for Bear and Bird, here on this site and more fun stuff to come! Check out both his site and illostribute for some lovely things. :-) -Amanda