We love Mary Blair too…

While briefly visiting Aurian Redson’s blog earlier this week I was tickled to find that he contributed to this cool website which I had never heard of! It is called illostribute and their tagline is “investigation through interpretation” – that’s a pretty nifty and simple premise and I love the idea that artists explore and are inspired by a variety of sources, I think it will help expose new fans to these “old” favorites too. I am often surprised by how artists don’t know anything about the history of “style” they adopt as their own and perhaps were subliminally (?) inspired by in their childhoods.

This specific assignment by illostribute, I came across on Aurian’s site, was explore the essence of the work of Mary Blair. I love Mary Blair! Her work is so fun, funky and simply adorable. It’s happy and angular and so totally of the era. The background info on Ms. Blair, written by illostribute, was comprehensive and interesting. This type of scholarly respect is all too often missing online. Kudos to you guys, I will be sure to pop back to your site when I get time!

Aurian’s contribution to this project is as sweet and original as can be. I couldn’t be more proud to have had him do the illustrations for Bear and Bird, here on this site and more fun stuff to come! Check out both his site and illostribute for some lovely things. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Amanda

R.I.P. Old Bear and Bird website… 2007-2011

Screen shot of old Bear and Bird site... taken 2011-09-17 at 8.01.01 PM

Just a quick little screen shot and mention of the obvious… Bear and Bird web 1.0 is now part of the archives…! Originally created by me in Adobe GoLive with scant knowledge of html, the old site served its purpose well, but it was time for an update! Sweet Jen Wang artwork in the nav bar, you will be missed – but not forgotten!

This new and hopefully improved site was created for the most part by the inimitable Anna Pants in the weird, wide world of WordPress! I helped a teeny tiny bit with the look and feel mostly. One of the goals in changing the site was to make it even easier to navigate and to update. Please expect much more frequent blog posts here and other fun stuff.

Another wonderful addition to this new site is the artwork of Aurian Redson – who created a number of custom original illustrations for us specifically for use on the site. We gave him little direction, other than to use his amazing style to create some pieces including a Bear and a Bird. ๐Ÿ™‚ What he came back to us with inspired and delighted us to no end. He truly is a wonderful artist and person, we are proud and honored to have his charisma filled Bear and Bird represent us in a visual cuteness!

Promise we will put together a post soon that shows all of the art he created, along with the awesome sketches & ideas he came up with.

xoxox -Amanda

A few neat new items in our boutique!

Check out these new tin boxes that we just got in today! Really, these are must have for organized hoarders (like me) of small cool items and fans of cool graphic design. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really nicely made and printed with such fun, silly colorful artwork. They are fun to touch and hold and open AND close! We have four different designs in the large boxes and six different designs in the smaller size.
The small “pocket” boxes are an exact replica of a 1920’s cigarette case and retail for the very reasonable price of $6.00 each! The bigger boxes are an exact replica of a 1920’s tin cigar box including a riveted bracket to hold the top open, for the measly peasly sum of $15.00!
Also in today are these simply beautiful greeting cards from Hope for Women, who offer fair trade eco friendly products made exclusively by women.
The card series is called “Portraits of El Salvador” and are all handmade by women whose homes in El Salvadorโ€™s highland cloud forest were destroyed by a devastating earthquake and mudslides. Each card features a cool little printed drawing of a lovely lady with some fabulous hairdos made entirely of REAL little dried flowers and grasses!
There are over a dozen different flower types available and every single card is unique and one of a kind! They reflect the style and creativity of the individual artisan who selected each flower, frond and sprig of greenery and placed them just so. I truly love them all and also think they would also look fantastic in little frames as hanging on your walls! The blank cards with envelopes are sold for $5.50 each, it truly is hard just to choose one favorite style… get a few for yourself and stash some away for a card you can be proud to give. Great as a Mother’s Day or anyday card! So special and good for the world too!

Jellycat plush from England, just in time for Spring!

As cute as these lil fellas are, their cuteness is NOTHING compared to their softness and sweet floppiness! Be sure to give them a little love next time you come in and feel for yourself… ๐Ÿ™‚

We just got in a restock on the Hobbes-esque tiger and stumpy legged donkey and a few new friends arrived too!! The long legged giraffe is one of Rosemary’s favorites for hugging and loving as well as the tiny lambey. Lambey is just the right size for her little nine-month old sized hand to get a good strangle neck grip on and carry him all around with her all day long. Oh yes! We also got in lovely chocolate bunnies who would make a great springtime gift!

We put Rosemary on top of the big pile of Jellycat plush as we were working on pricing them and she squealed with joy! You can’t miss her sincere sweet smile as she looks into the face of a new little lion friend! She really seems to be loving plush toys of all kinds more and more, she has a death strangle grip on her lil lambey’s neck right now… ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve never seen them before, the Jellycat line of plush toys from England is really wonderful. Really great quality, designs and reasonable pricing! Check out the Jellycat site… we carry a nice selection of their wonderful cutie pies! Only our favorites!

The Super Punch Tarot opening!

The Sun by Stephanie Buscema;
Gouache and cel vinyl on watercolor paper
ย  ย 

Please join us for the opening of our newest exhibition The Super Punch Tarot this Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 7-10pm!

Looking for a truly great lil owner-operated place to eat or sip some wine before or after you stop by the opening tomorrow?ย  We’ve got a treat for you! Hidden in a crappy strip mall only 5 minutes away from us is BASH Wine Cafe — they specialize in yumminess and you will love it! We highly recommend that you check them out (and tell them we sent you… ๐Ÿ™‚ I went to elementary school with one of the owner-chefs!

The Super Punch Tarot
On exhibit: March 5 – April 23, 2011
Link to Show Flyer

Artwork is available for online purchase now!

Curated by Super Punch blogman John Struan! Check out his daily blog at http://superpunch.blogspot.com

Artwork by an international group of super punchy artists including: Aaron Miller; Adam Koford; Bethalynne Bajema; Brent Engstrom; Brent Nolasco; Brigid Ashwood; Britt Wilson; Casey Weldon; Cormac McEvoy; Dan Goodsell; Dave Perillo; Dean Reeves; E.G. Gauger; Eric Wirjanata; Franco Brambilla; Geoffrey Trapp; Geoffrey Trapp; Heather Hudson; J. Shea; Jason Chalker; Jerrod Maruyama; Jerrod Maruyama; Joe Alterio; Justin Van Genderen; Kat Brunnegraff; Ken Turner; M.S. Corley; Mario Graciotti; Meghan Murphy; Melita Curphy; Mindy Lee; Nancy Dorsner; Roman Laney; Rosemary Travale; San Smith; Santiago Matias Caruso; Squink!; Steam Crow; Stephanie Buscema; Sven Ruthner; The Beast Brothers and MORE!

Message from John Straun: “For the third anniversary of my pop art website Super Punch, I invited my favorite artists to create a work of art. Asking them to create Tarot cards seemed like a a good way to unify the creations, while allowing the artists’ disparate styles to shine. The resulting artwork includes sculptures, paintings, and digital work, and ranges from the kawaii to the macabre, and funny to faithful. Please, enjoy the show.”