Stitch Wars artwork at Star Wars Celebration VI!

Star Wars Celebration VI, August 23-26, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida was host to a very special booth put together by Bear and Bird Gallery patron & Star Wars super-collector Steve Sansweet. We were truly proud to see that included among these most treasured items from his collection, were a number […]

Our list of good & nearby restaurants to eat at after visiting us! Nom!

You probably visit us for our awesome events, leaving hungry and wondering where the heck to eat! So, here is a list of our favorite nearby restaurants! Unless you live in the area, these are places you probably haven’t tried – but will make a point of going back to once you do! Since I’m […]

I made another person!

Seems like 90% of my blog posts are me APOLOGIZING for not posting more often. But… I have a good excuse! I made a person! 🙂 This little guy came out a month ago and he and his (nearly 2 year old) big sister have been keeping me busy busy. Lucky for me I have […]

Brand new Jellycat brand plush!

I dunno about you, but when I am out and about shopping I just NEVER see cute stuffed animals anymore! At a recent trip to Toys R’ Us, all I saw were really gross pink leopard print bears and worse. Ughhh…..  not cute.  As a kid, I loved my stuffed friends and my daughter Rosemary, […]

Amazing Everything: the art of Scott C. book is a must have!

Just before Christmas we got in a new and amazing art book featuring the work of Scott Campbell, known as Scott C. – if you aren’t familiar with his work, then you are missing out… its high time to become a fan! His work is clever and charming and singularly amusing. The introduction to the […]