Local South Florida Artists Only!

If you are a South Florida based local artist, then you are in luck! Bear and Bird Gallery holds a yearly “all locals welcome” shows. These shows and these shows ONLY are open for participation by all South Florida based local artists, you do not have to submit your work in advance or be invited to participate in them, they are open.

To be alerted by email when these shows come around, sign up for our eMail newsletter in the form at right. We will send out a “call to artists” a few months beforehand. Be sure to add us to your approved email list or risk having it be chucked into your junk folder!

You can also check back at this page for full details on submitting, info will be posted a few months before each show, plus we will have printed flyers available in the store.

If you looking to submit your work to one of our regular “curated” exhibitions, detailed info can be found on the “submission info” page, under the “contact tab”. We highly suggest you participate in our twice yearly “all locals shows” if at all possible, create some amazing work, stand out and be noticed!

Upcoming All Locals Shows:
To be announced.