Further Adventures of the Thought Coalition

On exhibit: June 27 – August 2, 2014

This exhibition will include treasure trove of TATE’S inspired imagery, mixed with fantasy, comics, and video games!

Photos of artwork, gallery setup
  & opening night on Flickr
Slideshow for E-Z Viewing!

Featuring works by fourteen of Thought Coalition‘s artist’s:

Albert Lichi; Alex Porcaro; Ben Pachter; Chase Vreeland; Devon Saccomanno; Gregory Dirr; John Allison; Lauraly Atria; Paul McEnery; Renda Writer; Saori Murphy; TJ Brown; Tony Licata; Valerie Marquis Dickson

Opening night reception: Friday, June 27th from 7-10pm

What is the Thought Coalition?

Thought Coalition can be described as people working collaboratively. An expanding community founded in Florida during 2004. Organized to motivate collaboration and intercommunication through ongoing music, visual art and independent projects. Referencing the process of relationships with people, communication, collaborative action, family, identity, social networks and films.

You can check them out here www.thoughtcoalitionhq.com