Small Stuff 6

Our annual salon style “cash and carry” exhibition featuring affordably priced smaller artwork. Great gifts!

ON EXHIBIT: November 25, 2012 – January 12, 2013

• Photos of artwork, gallery setup & opening on Flickr
• Link to flyer   • Link to a lil writeup on the show

Amanda Valdes; Andres “Bloop” Romero; Aurian Redson; Betsy Bauer; Brandy Rumiez; Britni Brault; Cari Corene; Cassie Hart Kelly; Chris Hamer; Crowded Teeth; Danielle Estefan; David Carbonell; Dinara Mirtalipova; Greenbean Baby; Greg Kletsel; Helena Garcia; Isaac Bidwell; Jamie Ryscik; Jinx Remover; Johannah O’Donnell; John Kissee; Katie Hazzard; Lindsay Watson; Lisa Penney; Marina Whiting; Natali Martinez; Pam Wishbow; Ryan Fowler; Ryan Hungerford; Sara Leigh; Scott Tolleson; Sickfeet; Snaggs; Tripper Dungan and more!

Please note, Small Stuff works differently than our usual art exhibitions: All Small Stuff artwork goes home with the buyer as soon as it sells, first come, first served! The only way to see the complete exhibition is to attend the special sneak preview or in our online archive!

Come early to get first dibs on some great stuff! We always do Small Stuff this way, because we know how busy the holiday season can get for you! Artwork makes a wonderful and unique gift, make someone smile! 🙂

We had a lovely Sunday Brunch Opening on Sunday, November 25th from 1-5pm Complimentary vegan treats were provided for the opening by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods! …and TATE’S provided mimosas as is our tradition for Small Stuff!