Starter Art

A wide variety of fantastic artists bringing you truly affordable art, to jump start your art collection! Over 100 pieces of artwork, all priced at $100 or less… start collecting art and you will be proud of your happy home!

On exhibit: May 5 – June 23, 2012

Flickr archive of artwork, gallery setup and opening night.

Link to Flyer.

Featuring affordable artwork by: Aleks Sennwald; Amanda Valdes; Amy Earles; Aurian Redson; Betsy Bauer; Brian Butler; Cake Marques; Danielle “knee” Estefan; Danny Brito; DATAMOUTH; Eric Garcia; Erika Taguchi; Gabriela Zapata; Genevieve Santos; Greg Ham; Helena Garcia; Jenna Dickes-Deleo; Jim Pavelec; Jimbot; Joanna Barnum; Jonathan Bergeron; Kay Garcia; Kristiana Pärn; Kristin Frenzel; Mab Graves; Marisol Spoon; Matt Cipov; Michael Fleming; Nan Lawson; narboo; Pam Wishbow; Ryan Hungerford; Sashiko Yuen; Tatiana Suarez; Thomas Ascott & more!

Opening night reception: Saturday, May 5th from 6-10pm