The Little Golden Years
Modern Artwork Inspired by our Favorite Golden Books
Curated by Heidi Kenney

On exhibit through August 10, 2013

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This truly delightful group has created new artwork inspired by cherished classic Golden Book stories…
Which books “Belonged to You”?

64 Colors; Amy Earles; Anna Tillett; Brandy Rumiez; Bryn Perrott (DeerJerk); Dan Goodsell; Danielle “Knee” Estefan; Danielle “Yelley” Rauto; Danny Brito; Erica Sirotich; Greenbeanbaby; Heidi Kenney; Helena Garcia; Jannie Ho; Jennifer Strunge; Johnny Winslow; Julie West; Katie Shelton; Kerry & Kevin Tichenor; Kim Laurenti; Kjersti Faret; Kristen Tercek aka Cuddly Rigor Morits; Maura Cluthe; Pinkytoast; Rebecca Rogers; Rosanna Pereyra; Rosemary Travale; Ryan Berkley; Susie Ghahremani; The Little Friends of Printmaking; This Paper Ship; Thomas Kenney and more!

On exhibit June 28 through August 10, 2013

Opening night reception: Friday, June 28th from 7-10pm Fresh baked complimentary vegan treats were provided by local sweetie baker Half-Baked Goods! Yummy Yummy! …and TATE’S provided complimentary beer/wine and a couple salty snacks!

In September 1942, Simon & Schuster published the very first Little Golden Book. The original 12 titles were 25¢ each and included the following: The Poky Little Puppy, Three Little Kittens, Bedtime Stories, The Alphabet A-Z, Mother Goose, Prayers for Children, The Little Red Hen, Nursery Songs, The Golden Book of Fairy Tales, Baby’s Book, The Animals of Farmer Jones, This Little Piggy

They’ve been around for 71 years (!) and over 2 billion Little Golden Books have reached the hands of children all over the world.

This is a neat history of Golden Books timeline…  Hasn’t been updated in TEN YEARS though!