Artist submission information:

So… you think you want to show your artwork on our gallery walls? Please read submission details below and follow to prove you have good reading comprehension!

To be considered for openings in future shows…

  • Send us an email with samples of your best and most current artwork attached. Low-Rez jpegs or png files are good.
  • Include some info about yourself, your website, price range and what medium you work in.

We will reply and let you know that we received your submission and archive your samples for reference when looking to fill slots in future shows. Please remember, shows are booked far in advance.


Please note: Exhibitions are scheduled and booked up to a year in advance. We are most often looking for artists who are starting out in their careers but who have an identifiable, consistent and unique style to their artwork. Our collectors/buyers are often just starting out their personal art collection, therefore lower priced work of obvious quality is what we seek. There is also a certain undefinable aesthetic that we also look for, if you personally love the work we show, then you may be a good fit for us!

If you are an artist based outside of the United States, we are sorry to say that it is more unlikely that we will be able to work together. The extremely high (and rising) costs of shipping unsold artwork back has made showing international artists more of a challenge, which makes us sad…


If you are a South Florida based local artist: You are in luck, our gallery holds twice yearly “all locals welcome” shows! These shows and these shows ONLY are open for participation by all South Florida based local artists, you do not have to submit your work or be invited to participate in them.

We highly suggest that you take part in these exhibitions, put your best effort forth and be noticed! To be alerted when these shows come around sign up for our eMail newsletter and check off “Local SoFla Artists Only” to get in the loop. There will also always be printed “Calling All Artists” flyers available on our counters for you to pickup a few months beforehand.